repair water damaged macbook / repair water damaged laptop
Water damage? Accidentally spilled liquid on your macbook or laptop?

Do no attempt to turn on your Macbook or laptop should this happen nor should you leave it to dry as to allow corrosion to start.

We are specialized in repairing Apple Macbook & laptop computer with water damaged. We will start with chemical cleaning of the interior of the Macbook or laptop to remove & prevent corrosion. All parts & components will be check thoroughly before proceeding with the repair works.

Our experience technicians are well trained to perform chip-level logicboard & motherboard repair & saves you extra repair cost of replacing a whole logicboard or motherboard. Throughout our many years of repairs especially for water damaged Macbook & laptops, we have often been praised of our excellent repair jobs by many of our customers & they have been referring us to their friends & companies.

- 1st thing you should do is to power off your Macbook or laptop.
- Then flip the machine upside down to drain any liquid that is still inside.
- Remove the battery if possible & use a dry cloth to wipe the computer.
- Call us & send in your computer for diagnostic as soon as possible.

Most water damaged Macbook and laptop has over 90% success repair rate.

Call us today to repair your water damaged Macbook or laptop.